ABN AMRO & Techstars support #CWI20 Cuantix to measure sustainable investments in Europe

Techstars and ABN AMRO just announced the 10 new startups selected for the Future of Finance Accelerator with special emphasis on innovations dedicated to solving sustainability challenges.

The renowned accelerator chose Cuantix, a Latin American Startup founded by #CWI20 fellow Adriana Mata, to be part of this special cohort. Cuantix is an Impact and Sustainability measurement software that will be working hand in hand with the accelerator team to improve their value proposition to the financial services industry. 

Cuantix has already worked with +55 companies in 9 Latam countries and now aims to tackle the European market with this new partnership. “We are really excited about being part of this program and having the support of ABN AMRO, which strategy is focused on sustainability, and TechStars, which has been so successful in accelerating more than 2,300 technology companies.” - Adriana Mata - CoFounder & CEO at Cuantix

Mata also states that, “At Cuantix, we believe that actions for sustainability goals must be driven by innovative technological solutions that allow us to measure the real impact of financial investments through quality data.”

Cuantix Invites all financial service providers who wish to measure loans and investments linked to sustainability, contact them through www.icuantix.com to participate in the pilots who will be part of this program. 

About Cuantix
Founded by Venezuelans and based in Chile and Mexico, Cuantix is a Cloud-based software that automates impact & sustainability reporting, integrating all processes in one agile platform. With indicator suggestion algorithms, internal and external data gathering, and interactive reports, organizations can adjust the level of depth and compliance with market regulations or voluntary disclosures. 

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