#CWI18 Fellow YiDing Yu now part of the All Raise Visionary Voices speakers bureau

Our 2018 Laureate for North America, YiDing Yu, is now part of the All Raise Visionary Voices speakers bureau, which aims to ensure that tech and venture capital conversations include the voices of female/non-binary founders, funders, and startup operators.

Women and non-binary individuals are significantly underrepresented in conversations about tech and venture capital — both at conferences and in media coverage. This perpetuates a cycle where they don’t have the same access as men to opportunities and networks to build social and financial capital. It shouldn’t be this way.

The All Raise Visionary Voices speakers bureau aims to increase diverse representation at events and in media coverage by making speakers and sources readily available to event organizers and reporters, complete with self-identified demographic information to make sure it’s radically inclusive. Today, the bureau features nearly 1,000 extraordinary female or non-binary founders, investors, and operators from across the venture-backed tech ecosystem who are visionary leaders and domain experts.

Find out more about their speakers here

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